Sunday, March 1, 2009

Choc layer tube top

It look sexy if pair it with a pair of shorts or mini skirt.
available only 1 piece limited as we import from Japan
material is shinny cotton
Best fit S till Small L
Colour Chocky Brown only

Little Princess

Fit Size XS till small M
Material is cootin its shinny
Colour Pearly Grey and Pearly White
Smocked at the back for best fit.
Available on 1 each colour


Item available 2
Colour Greyish Green
Sit size S till Small L
Strechy Cotton and cold cozzy.
on the top its smocked top amd at the waist it is strechable can be adjust
It can be tube jump suit or halter jump suit.


Colour available Grey, Purple, Pinkish red and Sea Blue
Material will be super soft cotton it comfy expecially when where it to party.
Size fit best S till Small L
Rm 50
all limited to 1 each calour

Cage of Heart

Sophisticated earring from Korea
its pink stone in the little cage and green pearl below
Limited to 1 pair only


Its a stone carve into daisy flower
Its pinky with pearly and some swarovski ( the little one in pink and blue)
Onli limited to 1 pair

The Butterfly

It comes with limit 1 pair each
Colour available in Blue and Peach
the circle size is bigger then 50 cent coin a bit

The Garden

High grade earring imported from Korea
Available in Pink 1 pair and the Blue 2 Pairs
Little white ribbon on top f the pearly and on top of it it hace a small stone.

Clover 5

Imported from Korea
Clover is white and the number 5 is in pearly white.
The pearly on both side is diffrent colour light turquoise on Clover leaf and the white on the 5
limited to 1 pair only

Nuance Pearl 002

Imported directly from Korea
Pearly colour is white and olive green there is little green ribbon come along
Its a trend the earing diffrent on both side
limited to 1 pair only

Nuance Pearl 001

We bring in imported accessories from Korea
only 1 pair limited
Colour of pearl is light peach.
essential the earring is not the same on both side is a trend

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Satin Pluffy Dress

Fit Size S till Small L
Material satin
Available Green and Purple
Adjustable Strap and it comes with tie-back sash.
Length = 42.5inch (the length is uneven, this measurement is measured from the top to the longest hem)

Magic Bra Pad - PRE-ORDER

* Easily Push Up breast to C..D...E cups, can decide on your own for the size of cup~
* Press the button to inflate for use and press button to deflate it after use.
* Comfortable and easy to use.
* Size Diameter: 10.8cm* Please take note that keep the item away from sharp things and remember to deflate it after use.

Halter smalley flower - Long

Fit Size S till L
Material Satin
Colour Available : White Dress (red patern) , Green & Red ( Black Dress )
Below dress is not straigh cut is it is A cut side long and abit short in the center.

Printed Smocked satin Maxi dress

Fit Size S till L
Material Satin
this is a unique and sexy dress as it printed with smocked and lovely small flower it can be wear as tube dress aswell or halter as the strap can be remove. There is a lil key hole and at the back it strechable for best fit.
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 13inch, Length = 49inch
Available in (Green SOLD) Red & Purple

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Satin Tube Dress

Material Satin
Fit size S till Small L
Length = 42.5inch (the length is uneven, this measurement is measured from the top to the longest hem)

It comes with tie-back sash
Colour available :
Black - Last Piece

The Sexy sation Dress - Restock for BLUE ONLY

Fit Size XS, S and M
Material Satin
Imported from Japan
Available Blue & Gold - SOLD Restock for BLUE ONLY
At the back it strechable to make it best fit for you...